A proposal about untapped potential in modern youths

Ther’s a lot of talk about how black people are being ‘kept down’, and then there’s all the media crap feeding them the attitude-maintenance of being victims, that it’s ‘OK’ to lash out at people with White skins…because they’re White.

The ‘knock-out’ game and such. That infant that was shot, in the face, in his stroller right in front of his mother.

Why are these kids doing this? bcause they’re black and all this stereotyping has gone on too long, done too much damage and taken too many innocent lives. A White toddler…what was his crime again? He can’t even speak yet, but, because he’s White…he’s ‘fair game’.

This is all approaching insanity, and maybe I can’t do a lot to stop it, but I can try.

It occured to me that there’s a HELL of a lot of Talent out there, being wasted.

Now, what I propose might seem like ‘just’ a Vocational College, but I’m going for something different, so bear with me, I’m semi-literate myself and this takes a fair degree of effort.

The idea encompasses a school/apprenticship program/business/business incubator.

Also, I am just roughing an idea out here, that’s all, that’s the best I can do.

There are Artists out there. Master Craftsmen & Artisans, just waiting for an outlet for their talent. Graffiti is Art, just in inconvenient ‘galleries’. Those kids, can do so much more, it’s in them, we all know it…all they need is the place, and the tools.

Consider this, the Granite countertop you might have…takes Skill, and many I have spoken with LOVE working with the stone, just as some Love working with wood to build fine furniture. There are those who have talents crossing between say, electronics and art…there’s a tool now that allows one to DRAW circuit paths like a ballpoint pen. Consider what some can do with such, given just a little instruction in simple electronics–Art from pen that is electronically responsive. Some might be skilled wood carvers, able to keep the history and tradition of African masks and statuettes alive into the 21st century, and in so doing, they’d have to research, and thus get in better touch with the lands of their long-ago forefathers. Some might be knifemakers, and knives sell VERY well to hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, ranchers…and many knives, are bought simply for their beauty, despite being functional.

Consider an old building, sound, but maybe needs work. Get some kids together who’d otherwise be ruining their lives, and start them in assisting repairs and restoration, keeping an eye on who has what particular talent for later. Power is something that can be offset, and perhaps (dpending on location) a system I will detail later can supply the building’s needs with excess being sold to the grid to provide profit to keep the center operating.

They need to have something to Gain, to counter the draw of selling drugs, or themselves, for $$ and students could be paid. As they develop skills and as part of building their skills, I would suggest that they be taken as paid apprentices by those teaching them. Then they get ‘in class’ and Practical real-world at the same time, giving them a broader base of comprehension and genuienly exercsing their skills and talents.

Some will have a talent for plants, and while organic farming is VERY possible small scale, there’s better money to be had in the highly-prized ornamentals and such that folks buy from greenhouses every year strictly to prettify their yards. Also, there’s a WIDE variety of culinary herbs and such that can be grown easily and bring good $$. Oyster mushrooms, are high-demand and easy to grow, thus $$$.

The goal is that such Centers be sulf-supporting financially, and perhaps to that end they could acquire if not Tax-free status, but much-reduced Tax status. Financial Oversight, independent and external, would be necessary to ensure against embezzlement and such, which would collapse the delicate balance this idea relies on for stability.

My point overall is to encourage the desire and ability to Create, and in ways that they can continue with into careers that match to their talents and hopefully their passions. Some will be writers, musicians and such, and I must leave it to others in how to nurture and encourage such talents.

Again I state this is JUST a rough-out of an idea, but it is my hope that it makes a difference in lives that need to be shown better courses to follow so that they can have lives they will be happy with and proud of, go on to found their own businesses or be very highly-desired for their skills and talent.

I am primarily thinking in terms of dense-urban (Manhattan and such type areas as example) because making it work in such areas means it’s much easier to make it work in lesser-density areas. While this idea is inspired as a way to help black youths find a better course in life, it applies to ALL youths, and I am not the type to discriminate because be theynative american, black, white, asian, latino…they all have the Potential that is being wasted and can all benefit from this.

The energy system I mentioned above, to power the Centers, is found at this link.


Husband’s work, and the schematic is illustrative of the Basic principle, allowing anyone to build a system of a desired capacity with whatever they can get ahold of. There are folks in the slums of India who have used this to build powersystems from this schematic using cast-offs from junkyards, broomsticks, branches and old cut-in-half 2 litre pop bottles…and that power is used to cook food and boil water saving the cost of firewood/charcoal/etc.. and providing safer water for drinking.

In conclusion, I hope I have at least inspired, and shown that not all caucasians are racist, or hate black people just because thy have a few milligrams of extra melanin. I had to speak out, to try to help, to try to save at least one young life. I KNOW what life on the streets is like, better than most people–even those who do already, yet have homes to go to after their misadventures, because I didn’t. I have seen frinds of all races bur to nothing on drugs, and seen talent die with them…unknown, and unacknowledged.

Race-baiting for politics has to end, and in this idea, I hope we can end it…or at least start ending it. There are better ways, to build, to create, to acknowledge talent and skill that only needs to be given outlet to be seen. Then, there would be pride-of-accomplishment, pride-of-ability. Earned, solid and real. That is what builds a future.

Thank-You to my Sister, Marlene, for her immense help in spelling and phrasing and such!!

Wanda Blackwinter






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